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Fulfilling the Promise of Industry 4.0 for Application of Automation

Application of Automation at its core holds the promise of fully automating our manufacturing process; creating a system where every single unit is interconnected. This is the essence of Industry 4.0. By combining cloud computing and the internet of things, these smart factories of the future are seen as the next industrial revolution.

One of the core concepts of modern automation is augmented reality; in other words, creating virtual versions of devices, machines and vehicles. This along with the increasing demand for data analytics and software integration makes high-speed and reliable components an absolute necessity. High robustness is also essential as components are subject to high mechanical and thermal stress in industrial environments. The power supply in industrial settings is often unstable. As such there needs to be safeguards in place to protect data, and ensure a smooth system restart if power is suddenly cut.

A Complete Solution

Data analytics and a high degree of device interconnectivity require a system that can handle many simultaneous operations. We can offer industrial-grade modules that meet the high demands of the automation industry, as well as a comprehensive software suite for monitoring, lifetime prediction and a user alert system, all easily accessed through the cloud.

Absolute Data Integrity

Many Applications of Automations applications are prone to power supply issues, which in turn poses a threat to data integrity. We can provide a broad selection of technologies aimed at protecting data in case of abrupt power outages or other power instabilities.

Robustness Prioritized

Factory environments will subject the system to harsh conditions such as heat and mechanical stress, as well as shock and vibration. Our robust modules are all tested and certified to withstand these stresses while retaining full functionality.


  • Industrial robots
  • Process Control Units
  • Terminals
  • Industrial PCs

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