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Anti-Sulfuration Protective Layer For All DDR4 and DDR5

Sulfur is pervasive in many industries. When silver alloys in the DRAM chip encounters sulfur gasses a corrosion reaction occurs. This sulfuration causes lower conductivity and can quickly lead to product failure. To avoid this, Innodisk adds a protective layer above the vulnerable parts to safeguard the silver alloys.

Safeguarding All High-performance Modules
High-performance modules are needed in ever harsher environments. To counteract the rising threat from sulfur gasses for these applications, Innodisk has implemented full anti-sulfuration protection for all DDR4 and DDR5 modules.
Innodisk has implemented full anti-sulfuration protection for all DDR4 modules.
Extending Life Expectancy past the Limits
Sulfur is a creeping danger, as even in small amounts it will slowly corrode any silver it comes into contact with. Isolating the silver means that the DRAM module will keep going no matter the sulfur content around it.
DRAM with Anti Sulfur Protective Layer

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