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Warranty Policy

Innodisk Warranty Policy

(Version 3.2)

I. Warranty Agreement

Innodisk Corporation guarantees that all Innodisk manufactured products undergo strenuous quality control testing before delivery.  In the event that any product defect (nonconformity) occurred with respect to the product, Innodisk will provide product repair and replacement service within the warranty period according to this agreement.

II. Duration of Warranty

Examination, repair and replacement parts are provided free of charge for the following:
Duration Product categories Series
Six-Year (6-yr) Warranty All EverGreen Plus Products All EverGreen Plus Series
Five-Year (5-yr) Warranty All SLC Products
All iSLC Products


Three-Year (3-yr) Warranty All EverGreen Products
All Embedded Peripheral Products


All Embedded Peripheral Products Series
Two-Year (2-yr) Warranty All MLC Products
All 3D TLC Products
*M* 1ME/3ME/3ME2/3ME3/3ME4/3MS2-P/3MS4

*T* 3TE2/3TE4/3TE7
One-Year (1-yr) Warranty All Accessories
(Adapters, Power Cables, etc.)
All Accessories
(Adapters, Power Cables, etc.)
Lifetime Warranty All DRAM Products All DRAM Products Series

Please visit the innodisk website ( and key in product serial number to search Warranty Period.

III. Warranty Terms

  • In-warranty service: If the product was serviced or replaced within the original warranty period, Innodisk will issue service free of charge, or you will receive a replacement of your original product.
  • Out-of-warranty service: If the product was serviced out of the original warranty period, you will be charged a fee, and the serviced device will have an additional half year warranty.

IV. Definition of Duration of Warranty

Innodisk manufactured products will be free from defects based on conditions and durations mentioned above from the date of initial purchase. Invoices or shipping documents must be presented when claiming warranty. If such document(s) cannot be presented, the manufactured date will be considered the 1st date of Warranty.

V. Repair and Replacement Guidelines

Customers with Innodisk manufactured products are entitled to repairs or replacement of product within the duration of the warranty. Replacement products are guaranteed to have similar or exact specification items and components.

VI. The Warranty is NOT subject to the following conditions:

  1. Manufactured products misused or abused due to non-compliance with the Innodisk’s product manual.
  2. Any damage caused by Natural Disasters, such as floods, conflagrations, earthquakes, lightning, typhoons, etc.; Actions of Intent, such as bumping, hammering, etc.; Computer Malfunction, or other abnormal uses.
  3. Any damage caused by the repair or modification by anyone other than an Innodisk-authorized personnel with an Innodisk-approved component.
  4. Any damage caused by a computer virus.
  5. Any damage resulting from physical/electronic/electromagnetic pressure and interference, unstable or misused power supply, lightning and static electricity, flame or other acts of God, etc.
  6. Any damage caused by exposure to improper environments for the specified device, such as high temperature, high humidity, etc.
  7. Any damage caused by mishandling during the transportation to Innodisk for repair.
  8. Any damage caused by any research or development usage or professional testing/examination.
  9. Innodisk does not warrant, and shall not be responsible for any loss of data/software stored or installed in any manufactured products, including returned units.
  10. Any improper action that causes the flash to exceed the lifespan limitation. (Erase Count MLC: over 3,000 times, iSLC: over 20,000 times, SLC: over 60,000 times, 3D TLC: over 3,000 times, 3D eTLC: over 10,000 times) The erase count judge standard is to use innodisk official released iSMART tool.

VII. Standard Procedure of Claiming Warranty

  1. RMA Service:
    1. Apply for RMA service on the “My Innodisk” page (on the Innodisk website) Customers can log in to “My Innodisk” to apply for an RMA number. Please check the Innodisk official website ( or our Sales Department for more details.
    2. Apply for RMA by Sales / RMA Center
      Please send a FAX or EMAIL to the Innodisk Sales Department regarding the detail of the defect to receive your authorized RMA number. Complete the RMA request form with ship-to address, contact information, RMA number clearly marked on the parcel. The customer is responsible for the one-way freight, and insurance (optional). Innodisk Sales Department must receive the RMA product within 30 days after the RMA number is generated.
      Innodisk Corporation RMA Center Address:
      4F., No.237, Sec 1,Datong Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  2. RMA Charge: The Innodisk RMA Department will check the mechanical appearance and any damages within 3 working days after receiving the RMA item(s). A maintenance offer will be provided to clients and the decision of acceptance or rejection must be returned within 3 working days, or the client is deemed to have waived their rights.

VIII. DOA Policy

  1. All Innodisk manufactured products are under DOA “defect on arrival” policy within 45 days from the invoice date. This does not apply to any products that have been repaired, misused, or any other improper actions that lead to malfunction on the customer site. Innodisk will provide a replacement product to customer in a timely manner after Innodisk receives the defective sample. Products that have been in use beyond the DOA period will only be repaired under the terms of the Innodisk warranty statement.

IX. Product Change Notice (PCN) / Product End Of Life (EOL)

  1. Innodisk will provide a 3 months’ notice of the last purchase day when the affected product can be ordered. Modifications can include replacement of essential component(s), product enhancement, etc.
  2. Customers can continue to place orders for these products after receiving the PCN or EOL of the item.
  3. In the event of a warranty request for a product that has been discontinued or is no longer serviced, Innodisk will offer a comparable substitute product or refund base on the current price.


  1. This warranty is complete and supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether oral or written, between you and Innodisk.
  2. Innodisk is obligated to provide warranty service, but the related cost of replacing material and components will be charged if the Duration and Warranty Terms does not apply. Please refer to Innodisk for further details regarding these charges.
  3. The Innodisk RMA department will make the final decision on repairing the RMA product with an equal or better replacement.
  4. Please refer to Innodisk for further details if the defective manufactured product has been phased out or if the replacing material is out of stock.
  5. The warranty is invalid when Innodisk sticker or logo is removed or damaged in any way beyond identification.
  6. This warranty policy only covers Innodisk manufactured products with a defect or components that need to be replaced.
  7. This warranty policy is effective to all Innodisk manufactured products shipped out after 1st May, 2005.


Innodisk Corporation does not provide service under circumstances other than previously mentioned in the warranty policy, nor carry any other implicit, explicit, or subsidiary obligation in the warranty policy. Please refer to, and only to, the warranty policy for Innodisk Corporation service obligation. The warranty policy supersedes any other promise in oral or written form. The warranty policy does not cover any random, extraordinary, direct or indirect damage that comes with the manufactured product, even when Innodisk Corporation has been notified of the possibility of such damages. All actions of repair, replacement, or refund by Innodisk Corporation are in fulfillment of the promises indicated under the warranty policy.

Innodisk Corporation
August, 2019