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Aerospace: Always Ready for Takeoff

Aerospace has always symbolized the future and the prowess of technology—whether it is the Wright brothers with their pioneering aircraft, the Apollo program and the first landing on the moon, or simply the wonder of modern air travel. Aerospace applications only demand the best – the best innovators, the best technologies, and the best materials – to achieve the remarkable feats of aviation.

Innodisk is a committed aerospace partner, dedicating engineering expertise and resources to developing aerospace-optimized solutions that push aerospace companies and their applications forward toward the next frontier.

With over a decade at the forefront of technology in industrial-grade storage and memory and with countless aerospace projects under its belt, Innodisk is an ideal partner for bringing aerospace applications to new heights.

Beyond Stability, Stellar Reliability

Innodisk’s hardware solutions are designed with operational stability at the core. Innodisk’s mission to achieve the highest possible stability and operational reliability permeates everything we do. Starting at the hardware level, Innodisk selects the best components and materials, test them with the industry’s most sophisticated equipment, and use the best manufacturing processes for assembly. This exceptional hardware is then combined with unique hardware and firmware technologies that guarantee that the solutions are perfectly engineered for their applications’ requirements and environmental challenges – whether on earth, in the air, or beyond.

From Avionics to Ground Control

Whether advanced avionics in aircraft and spacecraft or communications systems and other ground control infrastructure, Innodisk provides purpose-designed solutions that fulfill all requirements and excel in what they do. Innodisk’s extensive range of flash storage and DRAM modules provide close to unlimited flexibility, with our unique embedded peripherals bringing added functionality to any system without sacrificing durability and system integrity.

Customized for Life at the Cutting Edge

Product customization is at the heart of what Innodisk does and a major source of innovation. Innodisk is committed to providing the perfect solution for any application – even if it means having to think outside the box. Innodisk’s customization services range from unique hardware designs, purpose-developed firmware, to developing products from the ground up for specific applications.

Designed for the Long Haul

Aerospace applications are often uniquely demanding in terms of longevity. While it may be relatively easy to replace hardware in, for example, data centers, the same cannot be said for applications like satellites. That is why ensuring exceptional longevity is a critical requirement in solutions tailored for the aerospace industry. Moreover, since aerospace applications – even the easier-to-access types – are often expected to remain in service for as long as several decades, reliable long-term supply of hardware solutions is also a critical feature in any supplier. Innodisk is proud to meet these tough requirements in full.


  • Aircraft
  • Satellites
  • Ground control
  • Communication stations
  • In-flight systems

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