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Retail in the Era of Automation - Point of Sale System

Point of sales (POS) systems are simply put the physical platform that allows you as a customer to exchange money for goods and services, whether it is at your local coffee shop or a high-end hotel. With the trend of digitization, POS has evolved and opened up for a whole host of new opportunities. Even now it is not uncommon to see fully automated self-help registers, hinting at a future without the need for shop attendants. The data gathered from POS systems also gives a deep insight into customer behavior and demands, which in turn is a valuable asset in raising customer satisfaction and profitability.

A solid POS system is mainly based on reliability and longevity. If the system crashes, the loss is not just limited to lost sales and repair costs, but more critical is the potential loss of customer trust. This is why POS systems are reliant on sturdy components with integrated software that ensures steady and uninterrupted performance. High-speed modules are also necessary to realize the features offered by modern POS systems.

Stability That Can Be Trusted

Innodisk’s portfolio of hardware, firmware and software offer various solutions to increase longevity and ensure reliability. Innodisk Point of Sales (POS) solid state drives (SSD) offer long-life and rugged solutions with added protection for unstable power supply scenarios. Customized recovery software also allows for efficient restoration of your system in case of a system crash.

Customized Down to the Smallest Detail

Innodisk can support a wide variety of system configuration. With our highly experienced software team, we can offer customized operating systems with tailor-made features, both for Windows and Linux systems. For special applications, Innodisk can also customize both hardware and firmware to fit your specific needs.

Balanced and Lasting Longevity

Flash memory can offer modules with extreme longevity, but often times at a cost. For this reason, Innodisk has designed iSLC, a flash technology that delivers performance and longevity but at a more reasonable pricing than the most high-end modules. This way, the requirements for performance and longevity are both easily fulfilled.

Expanding Without a Hitch

Upgrading and adding new parts to your POS system can involve a lot of hurdles. Adding new monitors, cameras, scanners and so on, might require a whole new central computer to handle the added workload. Innodisk offers compact modules with various mounting alternatives, ensuring a smooth integration into your already existing system. These expansions might also require an extra boost of memory. With Innodisk’s high-performance DRAM, any needed memory expansion is easily handled.


  • Point-of-Sales
  • Kiosk
  • Digital Signage
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Devices
  • Display, Serial and USB Devices

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