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Seamless Embedded RAID 1 Solution

RAID 1 is a simple and proven technology that increases SSD performance and data integrity by either striping or mirroring data across two or more storage units.

A Seamless Integration
Building RAID can be both time-consuming and burdensome on the CPU. Innodisk modules elegantly solve this by letting the integrated controller do all the RAID building. This means that there is minimal impact on ongoing system operation.
RAID building
Keeping your Data Safe
With RAID, and especially RAID level 1, data is secure as even in the case of one disk failing. As all data is mirrored, disks can easily be swapped and data integrity maintained.
RAID data safety
Designed with Limited-Space in Mind
Embedded applications often struggle with space constraints – this is why our RAID solutions offer compact form factors, ranging from mPCIe to standard PCIe, and flexible mounting options, guaranteeing a seamless fit with your application.
Innodisk's RAID solutions offer compact form factors
A Determined Focus on User Simplicity
iRAID is Innodisk’s RAID 1 proprietary software that allows you to easily monitor the status of individual SSDs, while also promptly alerting the user if any changes were to occur.
iRAID software by Innodisk

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