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Facilitating an Interconnected World with Networking Industrial Modules DRAM

Facilitating an Interconnected World with Network Marketing

Connect two computers together and you will have the most basic of networks. Now keep scaling this up and you will eventually reach megastructures such as the Internet or the telephone network. Yet even the line between these large-scale networks is increasingly blurred as the world is becoming ever more interconnected.

The most essential in a network is keeping the signal strong and clear. To achieve this, the system needs to be both resilient and durable, as transmission links are often located in remote places and are susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. As many installations are faced with space constraints there is a high demand for smaller and space-saving solutions. Customers are demanding faster streaming and better quality, pushing the need for modern networks to handle larger and larger amounts of data. So in addition to reliability and compactness, data transfer speed is paramount.

Modules Made to Last

We offer modules that are designed and tested to withstand harsh conditions. With value added technology such as conformal coating and side fill, we can further extend the lifespan of our DRAM industrial modules as well as protection against dust, humidity, and corrosive substances.

Sustained Performance

We deliver industrial-grade modules with specs that meet the high demands of signal strength for the network and communication market. Both our DRAM industrial modules and flash memory boasts high capacity and fast speeds to ensure sustained networking performance.

Flexible Expansions

A common issue for system integrators is lack of space when expanding or implementing new systems. With our broad range of compact form factors and connection alternatives we can ensure a smooth and efficient integration.

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