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Absolute Service 

Service is not just what we do. It’s who we are.

Absolute Service is our pledge and our guide. It infuses every thing we do at Innodisk.

Absolute Service is our promise to deliver the most comprehensive service in every situation. It’s the philosophy that guides us in all interactions with our customers and business partners. It’s the spirit of friendliness and enthusiasm that fills each member of the Innodisk team.

Absolute Service is our absolute commitment to our customers.

The Four Pillars of Absolute Service:

“Can,” not “can’t”
We invite our customers to bring us their biggest challenges, because we can find a way to make each one work. This “can-do” attitude permeates every department at Innodisk, from research and development to production to sales and marketing. For our customers and business partners, this means that they can feel free to bring us their wildest ideas or toughest requirements, knowing full well that we can—and will—find a way to get things done.

Listen and respond
Being responsive to our customers is not just important—it’s essential. But for us, being responsive is more than just providing on-site service or responding to Web inquiries quickly—it also means actively listening to questions and concerns. This give-and-take and constant communication means that we solve our customers’ challenges swiftly and effectively while delivering solutions that meet all their requirements.

Stay nimble
Today’s global economy is ever-changing, and we take great pride in being extremely nimble. We respond to new requirements just as quickly as they arise, working as a team with our customers to make changes and modifications. For our customers, this means that they have the freedom and flexibility to focus on their products’ designs, confident that we will welcome—and meet—their requests for changes or customization at anytime.

Always keep improving
Improvement and innovation are not just buzzwords to us. They’re something we live and breathe every day. We believe that even the best can be better. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our products and processes. It’s also why we’re always working hard to develop new technologies, like our breakthrough SATADOM® Pin 7 VCC technology and Compact Flash Serial ATA (CF-SATA) module. Our commitment to continuous improvement means our customers always receive the most-advanced products and technologies for their products and systems.


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