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iSLC Technology

Innodisk has launched its latest generation of patented iSLC technology, featuring an exclusive firmware technology breakthrough. The new technology is equipped with BiCS5 112-layer TDC 3D NAND Flash, which can provide the industry's highest 100,000 P/E cycles (program/erase cycles). Compared to traditional TLC 3D NAND Flash, this extends the lifespan by 33 times.

Extending Lifetime Beyond the Standard

Innodisk's new generation of patented iSLC technology breaks through the bottleneck of SSD lifespan, increasing it by over 33 times compared to SSD products with traditional 3D TLC technology.
With iSLC, SSD lifespan is extended to a full 7 times that of standard MLC products.
Fulfilling the Highest Performance Demands
When selecting a storage solution, it is not necessary to compromise on performance. Innodisk's latest generation technology of iSLC cleverly redesigns MLC/TLC cells, providing up to 100,000 P/E cycles, which boosts device performance to SLC levels.
the speed of iSLC devices are boosted to SLC levels
Striking the Cost-Performance Balance
Based on MLC/TLC technology, iSLC technology not only brings product performance to the level of SLC, but also provides customers with a more cost-effective product.
iSLC prices only reach 50% of SLC products

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