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Our clients come from a variety of different industry backgrounds, and we understand that each client has very unique application requirements. Therefore, we offer hardware and firmware customization services in order to ensure that they are successful in meeting their application needs. Clients can hire Innodisk to customize their PCB layout and design, enhance SSD performance for continuous reading function, or add security features, such as encryption, token, and AES.


As a company that puts a great emphasis on producing products that are both reliable and of the highest quality, Innodisk makes sure to thoroughly test all of our products in both the prototype and production stages. In general, we conduct two types of testing—standard testing and customized testing. Standard testing includes commonly required quality control tests, such as high-low temperature cycle testing, vibration testing, power cycling testing, and burn-in testing. At Innodisk, we run different levels of our burn-in test for different capacity SSDs. Our 64GB SSD, for example, goes through an eight hour burn-in test. We also provide customized testing for our clients whenever requested, based on application requirements and specified situations. Examples of customized testing include testing for harsh environments, drop tests, 10,000-times power cycling tests, and thermal shock testing. 


MyInnodisk is an exclusive management platform for our clients, distributors, and partners. It integrates all the important subsystems—order, RMA, FAE—together into one platform and provides user-friendly management features for members. A wide range of materials can also be downloaded here, including datasheets, product change notices (PCNs) and end-of-life (EOL) notices, testing reports, and white papers. In addition, with the inbox and send function, members can interact with Innodisk sales representatives more easily.

MyInnodisk platform has been created exclusively for our clients, distributors, and partners. If you are interested in learning more about MyInnodisk, please contact us.


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