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2021/07/30 | Press Release

Innodisk InnoAGE—The World’s First AIoT SSD— Awarded Gold at Computex

Computex Taipei is the leading information and communication technology and IoT exhibition in Asia, attracting leading technology professionals from around the world year after year. The Computex Best Choice Award, held during the exhibition, rewards outstanding products that exemplify the show’s ethos, displaying exceptional functionality, extraordinary levels of innovation, and market potential. Innodisk, a global provider of industrial-grade storage and embedded peripherals, has won gold in the Computex 2021 Best Choice Award for its InnoAGE™ AIoT SSD, displaying its years of research and development.


The award-winning InnoAGE is the world’s first flash storage product explicitly designed for AIoT architecture, with five product design patents. As an end-to-end edge and cloud solution with Microsoft Azure Sphere inside, InnoAGE is also the world’s first SSD to support dual-band management technologies. The InnoAGE SSDs incorporate Innodisk's iCAP technology to work in unison with real-time monitoring applications to provide comprehensive remote hardware monitoring for AIoT. With InnoAGE, device maintenance and management are a breeze, no matter how many more AIoT devices there are.


Innodisk President, Randy Chien, expressed his thanks to the Taipei Computer Business Association for hosting the awards, "Despite in-person Computex being canceled this year, due to the pandemic, Innodisk has once again had the opportunity to introduce our exceptional product to the whole industry and buyers worldwide.” He further added his appreciation, “It has been a great pleasure to be honored with gold for the InnoAGE SSD. This achievement has only been possible through the contributions of my colleagues, Microsoft, and our customers and partners, whose trust and support made this possible.”


InnoAGE has become an instant hit after its announcement, receiving critical acclaim from industry professionals globally. This innovation is helping Innodisk reach lots of potential customers from a variety of AIoT and smart applications industries. System integrators and manufacturers have also expressed their interest in forming strategic alliances with Innodisk to develop integrated solutions and replicate them through the global market.


Innodisk maintains its leading edge through an intense focus on R&D, forming the backbone for its growth. The award signifies Innodisk’s commitment to pioneering the development of AIoT in industrial storage and embedded peripherals. Now, Innodisk is looking forward to opening a new chapter for the company and its global business.

Lear more about InnoAGE SSD: https://bit.ly/3rEM80E

Watch InnoAGE SSD product video: https://bit.ly/3hIj2Kz

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