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One Click Recovery for Recording & Broadcasting Systems

Ensure Near Instant Recovery for Recording & Broadcasting Systems

Our Roadmap to Success


  • 2.5” SSD/ M.2 2280/ M.2 2242 form factors
  • 64GB to 2TB capacity
  • Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) of 560/340
  • Storage temperature of -40°C to +85°C

Innodisk worked with a recording and broadcasting system manufacturer to create a portable live streaming solution for non-stationary applications that was capable of one click, and even automatic recovery.


Fast recovery of portable live streaming solutions, such as those used for online broadcasts, TV stations, large-scale live conferences, and music concerts is crucial when trying to minimize playback disruptions. Unfortunately, all systems are vulnerable to OS crashes, and in these cases, streaming engineers must rush to quickly get systems back online. For some manufactures of portable live streaming solutions, relying on engineers to always be on-site is not a requirement they wish their product to have. One manufacturer worked with Innodisk to create a system that was capable of being recovered with the click of a single button by any member of staff, or even automatically when nobody is around.


  • Recovery with a single click, and sometimes automatic recovery
  • System must be able to be restored in a short period of time
  • Year-round outdoor extreme weather conditions and temperatures


  • One-click or automatic recovery
  • Patented firmware-level recovery technology
  • No internet connection required
  • No-fuss system implementation


Innodisk and its partner created a recording and broadcasting solution that was able to recover itself after the click of a single button, and even automatically if configured to do so, all thanks to the InnoOSR SSD inside. This recovery ability helped to mitigate against OS crashes, and resulted in less disruptions to broadcasts. In addition to the recovery benefits offered by InnoOSR, the recording and broadcasting system was also able to process data at high speeds, and without having to worry about environmental conditions, due to InnoOSR’s industrial design.

Our Promise

At Innodisk, we believe that any challenge can be overcome through cooperation. By maintaining a strong line of communication all the way from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We remain committed to innovation with our continual focus on total hardware, firmware, and software integration.



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