Embedded DRAM Modules are standard products for IPC and PC embedded systems.
Unbuffered DIMM with ECC
ECC modules are designed to detect and correct single-bit errors that occur during data storage and transmission. ECC modules use Hamming Code or Triple Modular Redundancy for error detection and correction, and manage error corrections on their own, without requesting that the data source resend original data.
Module Type Series Frequency Pin Number
DDR4 SODIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 2133 MHz 260pin
DDR4 LONG DIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 2133MHz 288pin
DDR3 LONG DIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 1600Mhz/1333Mhz/1066Mhz 240pin
DDR3 SODIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 1600Mhz/1333Mhz/1066Mhz 204pin
DDR2 LONG DIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 800Mhz/667Mhz/533Mhz/400Mhz 240pin
DDR LONG DIMM Unbuffered w/ECC 400Mhz/333Mhz/266MHZ 184pin