Unlock 5G, Automotive and Aerospace
Applications with Innodisk’s
nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3

As Edge AI devices shrink in size, their demand for high efficiency and high performance in data storage grows, especially in rugged outdoor settings. For example, the edge devices such as 5G base stations and in-vehicle systems need to be small yet stable and powerful. Innodisk’s nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3 fits the needs with compact design, enhanced performance, and reliability, making it an ideal solution for 5G, automotive and aerospace applications.

Small in Size, Grand in Performance

Innodisk’s nanoSSD 4TE3 is designed in a compact M.2 type 1620 BGA form factor with a height of only 1.65mm, width of 16mm, and length of 20mm, yet boasts a large 1TB capacity. The size and enhanced performance make nanoSSD an ideal solution for space-restricted devices and more spaces available for design. Additionally, with its improved transmission speed and high endurance, the nanoSSD excels in meeting the demands of high-speed computing.

Crafting Solutions for Design Flexibility

Innodisk manufactured nanoSSD series in-house, providing assured quality and highly customized solutions for flexibility. Additionally, the nanoSSD is solder-down and integrated directly onto the device’s motherboard, therefore the stability is ensured. Besides, pre-sales service is also available during the implementation to offer support for circuit design, including a design kit before implementation. At the same time, several customized features can upgrade your devices.

nanoSSD Fuels Diverse Applications

nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3

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