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Out-of-band power signaling remote management technology

Innodisk’s out-of-band power signaling remote management technology allows system operators to manage and maintain edge devices even when their hardware or software is malfunctioning.

Independent Connectivity and Control
Innodisk’s remote management technology enables an independent connection to edge devices’ flash storage. Even if the device’s regular network connection is completely unavailable, the device remains accessible through the separate communications channel.
Independent Connectivity and Control
Making AIoT Possible
With the number of edge devices growing at an exponential pace, it is becoming impossible for businesses to physically manage and maintain all AIoT and IoT devices. With out-of-band signaling technology, not even a complete operating system crash necessitates a visit by a device technician anymore.
Making AIoT Possible
Wired and Wireless Remote Management
Innodisk’s out-of-band signaling technology supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet for facilitating an independent connection to the storage device, ensuring the widest possible compatibility.
Wired and Wireless Remote Management
Public and Private Cloud
Innodisk understands that each organization has different IT infrastructure needs. Therefore, flexibility is at the center of Innodisk’s out-of-band signaling technology. Whether your organization uses a private, public, or hybrid cloud, our solutions are made to fit your requirements.
Public and Private Cloud

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