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As edge computing, outdoor edge servers, and AIoT continue their rapid expansion across diverse industries, high-performance computing generates more heat, resulting in performance issues and potential operation interruption. Furthermore, shock and frequent vibrations will increase the risk of modules dislodging from their slots, which is another common industry challenge.

In order to address the challenges, Innodisk announces the DRAM PRO Series with reliability and performance to help in those harsh environments and enhance value for any unique applications. 

Overcoming Thermal Challenges

Innodisk’s Ultra Temperature DRAM Modules offer robust performance in extreme conditions. This module ensures long-term stability with an extensive operating temperature range of -40 to 125℃ for DDR4 and -40 to 105℃ for DDR5. On the other hand, for systems requiring efficient heat dissipation, such as fanless embedded systems, the DDR5 Long DIMM Heat Spreader effectively cools heat during operation.

Resilience against Vibration

Innodisk’s Rugged DIMM and XR-DIMM DRAM Modules are specially crafted for extreme vibration and shock scenarios. These modules feature customized sockets and two mounting holes, ensuring a secure and stable connection to the motherboard. Also, Innodisk’s Rugged Clips are another solution to the DRAM modules dislodging from the DIMM slot due to vibration. They are cost-effective and have undergone third-party vibration testing, ensuring reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

Complimentary Value-added Services

The PRO Series delivers tailored solutions for diverse applications, ensuring reliability and performance. Additionally, Innodisk reinforces DRAM DDR4 and DDR5 modules with upgraded services, including anti-sulfuration and side fill, to guarantee uninterrupted operation. 

Securing Performance in Challenging Environments


DDR5 Long DIMM Heat Spreader

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