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RECLine™ meets the strict demands of surveillance data recording. This proprietary firmware optimizes the recording capabilities of solid state drives (SSD), ensuring smooth performance with minimal frame-loss.

Unwavering Recording Stability
We have tweaked the firmware of our RECLine™ SSD drive to provide the optimal performance for surveillance applications. As the name suggests, the sustained write performance is kept at a high and steady level without any dips in recording quality.
The firmware of RECLine™ SSD to provide the optimal performance for surveillance applications.
Surpassing the Inherent Limits
Every flash device needs to run certain background operations to maintain efficiency. However, these operations can also interfere with ongoing recording. RECLine™ solves this inherent issue by smart resource allocation ensuring no interference to recording operations.
RECLine™ uses smart resource allocation, ensuring no interference to recording operations.

A Novel Approach to Flash Firmware

Innodisk’s dedicated firmware team has completely overhauled onboard configuration to create RECLine™. This proprietary firmware customization consists of a complete re-design of garbage collection, TRIM and wear-leveling for modern surveillance applications.
RECLine's firmware customization consists of a complete re-design of garbage collection, TRIM and wear-leveling for modern surveillance applications.

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