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Q1. How do I determine if the product is included in the warranty?

Please refer to Innodisk’s warranty policy. If you need to check the product warranty, please go to warranty policy page.

Q2. What is the maintenance fee for products outside of the warranty?

The fee is calculated from the replacement materials plus an added NT$200 inspection fee.

Q3. What are the specifics of the RMA process?
Please refer to Innodisk the RMA process
Q4. How can I apply for an RMA?

There are two methods of applying for an RMA:

(1) MyInnodisk online RMA application:

Log in to your MyInnodisk account, from there you will be able to access the RMA application page. Follow the instructions of the RMA application and acquire your RMA authorization code. Securely package your product with the application form attached visibly to the outside and send to our maintenance center. (MyInnodisk is only for Innodisk’s customers. If you want to apply for an account, please ask your Innodisk sales representative.)


(2)Download and fill in the RMA application form:

Please fill in the RMA application form and provide product model, quantity and product status. E-mail to Innodisk maintenance center ([email protected]). After confirming your application, an RMA number will be provided. Please complete the RMA application form with contact information and address and attached the form to the package. Please send the product to the Innodisk maintenance center within 14 days after receiving the RMA authorization code. Shipping and insurance fee are paid by the customer.

Q5. What should I do if the same problem occurs after the product returns from RMA?
The product has passed the standard testing procedures before being returned to customer. If the problem is still unresolved, we suggest sending the product to FAE. They can check if there are any compatibility issues with your system.
Q6. How is the warranty after paid maintenance calculated?
We provide six months warranty after paid maintenance. If it is a separate maintenance issue, we will provide a separate quotation.
Q7. Why is golden fingers turned black considered human error?

Every Innodisk DRAM PBC will go through a burn test before being shipped out. If it is a defective product, it will be shown in the test. The gold fingers usually turn black because of an incorrect plug-in or due to contaminants inside the motherboard connector.

Q8. What is the procedure if the defective product is not purchased from Innodisk or direct affiliates?

Please ask the original vendor to apply for an Innodisk RMA.


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