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2023/08/07 | Press Release

Innodisk Debuts New E1.S Edge Server SSD at FMS 2023 to Fulfill the Future of Edge AI

While AI development is booming, Innodisk has been addressing high-speed and high-endurance demands for Edge AI equipment in industrial sectors. From hardware products to integrated solutions, Innodisk is gearing up for the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention Center from August 8 to 10, 2023.

At Booth 713, Innodisk will demonstrate a full line-up of Flash memory, DRAM products, and various AIoT solutions. For the flash storage, Innodisk expands its Edge Server SSD line-up by introducing the new E1.S model, featuring low latency, high DWPD, and wide temperature tolerance to meet the demands of 1U Servers in Edge computing.

For the DRAM product line-up, Innodisk will present its Ultra-temperature DDR5 DRAM and the dual anti-vibration solution composed of rugged clips and side-fill technology which effectively safeguards the modules during operation or transportation, ensuring continuous system functionality that is beneficial for outdoor Edge AI devices or vehicles.

Innodisk will also exhibit its AIoT product line, including FPGA and other AI accelerators, and a series of MIPI Camera and USB Camera modules designed for various frontline AI scenarios, supporting high-speed or low-light imaging to fulfill the computer vision trends.

Besides, visitors can experience Innodisk’s capabilities in the AIoT era through the integration of its hardware-software solutions. I Innodisk's exhibition will feature diverse AIoT solutions, such as a smart city solution that utilizes AI for license plate recognition, enhancing law enforcement, and a smart manufacturing solution that ensures workplace safety by automatically detecting workers' safety equipment usage. All of these AI applications can be achieved through Innodisk's self-developed AI Suite SDK. The AI model training and inference can be performed using iVIT, while model deployment can be carried out using iCAP, which also enables the management of various AI devices.

Moreover, during the "SARC-304-3: Computational Storage and AI" session, held at Ballroom G on August 10, starting at 12:10, Daniel Fan, a speaker from Innodisk, will share insights into the potential of AIoT deployment using Innodisk's integrated solutions and the transformative role of Edge AI in shaping the future of an intelligent world.


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