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2016/01/20 | Press Release

Innodisk Launches New SSD Software iSMART 5.0

January 20, 2016 - Taipei, Taiwan - Innodisk, the service-driven flash and DRAM module provider, announces its latest SSD software, iSMART 5.0 featuring new user interfaces, dashboard feature and iAnalyzer. Innodisk's iSMART 5.0 is designed to simplify information and provide an easy to read interface for all of our users. The iSMART tool monitors the health and lifespan of Innodisk's SSD, provides details on usage patterns, and sets up alert settings before it reaches failure. With iSMART, our customers can properly integrate Innodisk's SSDs into their solutions by carefully monitoring behavior and health during development, integration, and mass production.
Dashboardand One-click Feature Provides Excellent User Experience
The new user interface is simple and efficient. The dashboard’s feature provides a summary or quick snapshot, of each installed disk in the system. This feature offers accurate information regarding temperature, health, capacity, lifespan, iAnalyzer, and notifications. Furthermore, users can enable and disable SSD functions by simply clicking one button to control the iAnalyzer and Write Protect features.
iAnalyzer Predicts SSD Lifespan
The iAnalyzer function displays the read/write behaviors of the SSD in real time.  This utility allows the user to understand their application’s usage of the SSD.  Sequential and Random I/Os are easily broken down into percentages making them easy to read. The latest update to iSMART 5.0, the iAnalyzer, records the read/write behaviors of a SSD in real-time. This feature categorizes the operations as either sequential or random I/O as well as segmenting them by the size of the operation. The iAnalyzer allows users to understand their application behavior and therefore select the correct product. The iAnalyzer’s level of detail permits customers to predict drive failures before they happen and helps in selecting the right SSD in order to maximize the lifespan.
E-mail Notification Alerts the User
Should there be any issues with your SSD; the user can set trigger points with temperature, health percentage, and remaining capacity and life span.  If these trigger points exceed their threshold, the iSMART utility can send a warning email to the user notifying them of a possible problem.
Value added features like iSMART turn a product into a true storage solution. By customizing the iSMART software with a company name, logo, contact details, and other company information, System integrators and other users strengthen their relationship with customers and partners.


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