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2013/10/18 | Press Release

Innodisk's SSD Software, iSMART, Provides Easy Access, In-Depth Information For Embedded Applications

October 18, 2013, Taipei, Taiwan - Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial and embedded applications, continues to innovate with an update to its proprietary iSMART technology. The latest update, iSMART 3.2, adds even more features, including data logging and usage analysis to detect issues even earlier and guide future purchasing decisions.

Innodisk’s iSMART can monitor all storage devices in a system, including Innodisk SATA III SSDs. It provides clear and easy to understand warnings, numbers, charts and graphics to enable system integrators and users to check storage device health, performance, temperature, free space, and status at a glance, and it can alert users to the remaining service lifetime for Innodisk drives, so that they can replace a device in plenty of time to avoid any potential issues.

As well as providing critical disk information, iSMART also offers convenience through e-mail alerts and one-touch features. Additionally, iSMART provides dynamic power management, advancing green design goals for lower power consumption - for example, with a 35 percent power saving in idle mode.

Customizable E-Mail Alerts
To minimize maintenance costs, users can set email alerts, based on user-defined criteria, such as temperature, lifespan, and capacity, thereby greatly reducing the manpower that is required to check embedded systems in person.

One-Touch Features
Ease-of-use is a key consideration; iSMART's one touch activate mode can save hours of setup and maintenance time, by giving users easy one touch access to features such as file write-protection and power saving settings.

New in iSMART 3.2 - Lifespan Prediction and Disk Usage Visualization
The latest update to iSMART, version 3.2, adds full data logging. The includes tracking disk usage and separating read and writes into sequential and random categories, making it easier to detect any issues with the SSD, and predict lifespan based on usage patterns.

Using iSMART's disk usage information, such as read/write, random and sequential access, and block sizes, users will also be able to verify that they bought the ideal product for their specific application, fine tune software settings for better performance, and even save money by ensuring that they choose the most suitable drives for their applications in the future.

Complete Solution
Innodisk offers iSMART customers a system that is purpose-built for the industrial PC and embedded applications field, with long term support. Innodisk has its own teams in house for research, production and testing, and is also able to handle hardware and firmware customization. The iSMART software is available for operating systems including Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux (2.6 kernel, 32 bit). There's also a Linux API for easy integration and data access from other applications.

Value added features like iSMART turn a product into a true storage solution. System integrators and other users can make use of iSMART to strengthen their own relationship with their customers and partners by customizing the iSMART software with a company name, logo, contact details, and other company information.


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