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Medical Application

Smart Nurses' Station Monitoring Systems

The client wanted its smart nurses' stations to make it easy to monitor patient status and keep tabs on critical hospital equipment.

Our Roadmap to Success

Customized iCAP Platform for Healthcare Applications

  • Easy-to-use dashboard available from anywhere, including off-site
  • Comprehensive device information to make sure that all equipment is running normally and not at risk of breaking down
  • Customizable for monitoring of other healthcare equipment and their pertinent parameters
  • Excellent security for safeguarding critical information and mitigating the risk for security breaches

Patient Care and Nursing Cart Monitoring Through iCAP™ Integration for Nurses' Stations


A client realized that their traditional way of running nurses' stations was inefficient and demanded a lot of manual work from their staff. In response, they reached out to lnnodisk to give their nurses' stations a smart and connected upgrade. One of the key requirements with the new smart nurses' station is that it should make it easy to not only monitor patient status but also keeping tabs on critical equipment around the medical service facility, such as smart medical carts, across parameters such as battery life and component health.


  • The user interface must be intuitive and user-friendly for quick and easy operation by all nursing staff
  • The nurses' station needs to collect critical battery and component information from the facility's medical carts
  • The new platform must support real-time notifications to deliver timely status updates about patients and medical equipment


  • lnnodisk's iCAP platform provides an intuitive dashboard with user-friendly management features ideal for the upgraded nurses' station
  • The iCAP client collects pertinent battery and device information through serial ports for instant access through the nurses' station
  • iCAP's dashboard allowed integration with bedside care systems to trigger automatic alerts when patients press the help button


With lnnodisk's intelligent cloud monitoring solution, the new smart nurses'stations allowed staff to quickly and seamlessly access important patient and equipment data, reducing the need for manual work and inspection. Thanks to lnnodisk's customizations, the iCAP platform helped the client gather information on all their equipment, thus vastly simplifying equipment management and maintenance.



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