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Enabling Better Shopping Experiences

Making shopping better for consumers while improving business for retailers with smart and connected technologies.

Our Roadmap to Success

RAID Solution: 

  • Industrial-grade storage
  • M.2 and 2.5” form factors
  • Out-of-band management enabled
  • Added security with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere

Flexible Communication 

  • Cloud management and maintenance
  • Web-based platform available from anywhere
  • Supports dual-band management
  • Advanced device monitoring features

A Smart Retail Concept


Innodisk created a smart retail concept based on retail industry demands and challenges, showcasing how AloT technology can create a more enjoyable and more profitable shopping experience.


  • Any devices must be able to guarantee the highest possible data security in order to safeguard customers' personal information
  • System downtime risks completely crippling retail operations
  • Remote management capabilities are crucial for ensuring cost-efficiency
  • All devices and components need to provide excellent performance to enable seamless facial recognition for security and personalization purposes


  • Industrial-grade lnnoAGE SSDs with out-of-band management
  • Innodisk's iCAP device management platform for easy remote maintenance and management
  • lnnodisk's high-performance DRAM and embedded peripherals for embedded PCs and network video recorders (NVRs)


By leveraging the InnoAGE SSD throughout both the shopping area and the supporting facilities, lnnodisk was able to substantially improve the retail experience and operational efficiency without sacrificing security or system uptime. With the InnoAGE SSD integrated into devices like point of sale (POS) systems, fanless embedded PCs used in display kiosks, security devices, and throughout the warehouse, all improved aspects of the retail operations were secured and remote management-enabled by smart technology.

With the improved security and remote management capabilities that the lnnoAGE SSD devices brought, the smart retail concept could confidently introduce facial recognition technologies and personalized shopping experiences without putting customers' personal information at risk. Moreover, operators would not need to worry about system downtime that could otherwise cripple operations.

As a result, the solution provided a better experience for customers while also addressing retailers' demands for profitability and reliability.



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