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This case details the implementation of Innodisk industrial-grade DRAM, SSD and iCAP™ solution for a European manufacturer of ice cream vending machines.

Our Roadmap to Success


  • High-quality original IC to ensure smooth movement
  • DDR4 2400MT/s for rapid data transfer to achieve high-precision
  • SODIMM form factor for space-constrained environments

3ME4 2.5” SSD

  • Reliable SSD designed for device longevity
  • 64GB industrial-grade MLC NAND Flash
  • Built-in iData Guard™ for enhanced power-loss protection

iCAP™ Cloud-based Management

  • Browser-based real-time monitoring of all connected devices and onboard components
  • One-button backup and recovery function
  • Sophisticated alert system

Industrial-grade Memory, SSD and Software Solution for Ice Cream Vending Machine


Automation is more than just conveyor lines in bustling and noisy factories. It can also be a tool to satisfy your sweet tooth. One European manufacturer decided that ice cream can just as easily be made and served by a robot arm. The idea is a vending machine where the robotic arm will make the ice cream per the customer’s order.

After issues with previous providers regarding after-sales support, the manufacturer approached Innodisk. To cut down on customer waiting time, the manufacturer opted for a combined memory and storage package with software support that would fulfill the requirements of speedy ice cream serving. More importantly, the solution included robust after-sales support with an assurance of long-term supply.


  • After-sales concern: Long-time guarantees to ensure future production and maintenance was essential
  • Component availability risk: The customer required a complete paper-trail of the storage and memory modules
  • Tight follow-up: Being fully automated, the vending machines required a way to check device and component status


  • Fixed BOM and traceability: Every Innodisk product comes with a fixed BOM to ensure traceability
  • Guaranteed long-term supply: The modules stay available for as long as the customer needs it
  • Cloud-based management: Using Innodisk's iCAP™, the operator could easily access vending machine status and facilitate timely maintenance


The crux of the issue facing the customer was not the product, but rather the follow up after the sale is finished. With years of accumulated expertise, Innodisk has learned that creating great products is just one half of the equation. Just as important are the services provided after device installation and the accompanying guarantees.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining a strong line of communication all the way from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We remain committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware and software integration.



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