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Hyper-intelligent Server Boot Up Storage Solution

HCI requires flash storage evices that provide high performance and longevity while leaving small physical and thermal footprints.

Our Roadmap to Success


  • Patented cable-less design
  • High-performance SATA III 6.0 Gb/s interface
  • 16 GB - 64 GB storage capacity
  • Low 1.02 W power consumption
  • Long-lasting and reliable performance with lnnodisk's exclusive iSLC technology


  • SSD and DRAM health monitoring
  • Real-time SSD read-write behavior monitoring
  • Automatic alerts for user-defined thresholds


Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is an IT megatrend that brings higher efficiency, modularity, and cost efficiency to data centers. By integrating the server, networking, and storage layers of traditional data center infrastructure and combining this with virtualization, HCl reduces complexity as all resources are jointly managed by the hypervisor. The result is a highly compelling computing solution for enterprises of all sizes. However, enabling the benefits of HCI requires highly capable flash storage devices that provide high performance and longevity while leaving small physical and thermal footprints.


  • High capacity: the application required high-capacity expansion with a small footprint
  • Smart and flexible expansion: limited expansion slot availability and the need to allow excellent airfow and low power consumption called for smart solutions
  • Demanding workloads: frequent data transactions and real-time management of storage traffic meant that the solution needed to constantly deliver high performance and endurance


  • High capacity, high endurance: lnnodisk's SATADOM-SL 3IS4 provided industrial-grade iSLC, delivering both excellent capacity and steadfast endurance
  • Cable-less and expansion-friendly: with lnnodisk's patented VCC Pin 8 design, no cables were necessary, leaving more space expansion
  • Smart device management: Innodisk's iSMART software and its iAnalyzer function allowed remote real-time status monitoring of the flash storage devices


With lnnodisk's SATADOM-SL 3IS4, the client could expand their HCl servers with reliable and high-performing boot up storage featuring enhanced firmware architecture, Thanks to the SATADOM-SL 3IS4 unique design and advanced technologies, the boot up storage solution had little impact on power consumption and server airflow and did not occupy any additional server slots or bays. The result was an optimal integration that made the client's HCI servers an even more attractive solution to their customers.


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