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2016/02/16 | Press Release

Innodisk to Present New Embedded eXtreme Technology at Embedded World 2016

February 16, 2016 - Taipei, Taiwan - The service-driven flash, DRAM module, and embedded peripheral provider Innodisk will be showcasing a wide range of new products at “embedded world 2016” in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 23rd to 25th. With an emphasis on the topic of “NEXT,” New Embedded eXtreme Technology, Innodisk will present a new generation of flash, DRAM, and embedded peripherals ideal for embedded systems.
Vertical Design, The Most Space-Saving M.2 Device and Expansion Cards
The innovative vertical design M.2 storage device, M2DOM™, can save up to 90% more space when compared to the horizontal M.2 device, giving flexibility to the designer when laying out motherboard. To fulfill the various needs of embedded systems, it is compatible with multiple interfaces: SATA, PCIe and USB. M2DOM™ is a rugged, reliable, and space-saving storage device featuring vibration and shock resistance. The M2DOM™ connector has two screw holes for connecting the M.2 bracket. Additionally, Innodisk offers the industry’s first M.2 expansion cards for industrial systems providing high bandwidth, satisfying different applications.
In addition to M.2 series products, Innodisk will display its line-up of flash, DRAM, and embedded peripherals product lines.
Flash Showcasing New Technology
SATADOM™ with Pin 8 technology uses the SATA connector as a power supply to power the device. Extra pins on each side of the drive’s connector mate with pins in the motherboard’s SATA interface to provide a power source that eliminates the need for external cables. At “embedded world 2016,” Innodisk will feature the 3MG2-P with AES function SSD series, iSMART5.0 software with a user-friendly dashboard feature, and iAnalyzer which monitors and more efficiently predicts the lifespan of an SSD.
Three DRAM Product Lines to Fulfill Different Applications
Operating at 2400 MHz, Innodisk’s DDR4 memory offers up to 50% better performance when compared to current mainstream DDR3 memory and delivers faster data processing. Moreover, the DDR4 wide temperature module series with its built-in thermal sensor and conformal coating is ideal for outdoor systems and can provide high performance in harsh environment. Aimed at communication products, DDR 3 miniDIMM series comes with an ultralow profile design, making them suitable for the most space-constrained blade servers, routers, telecommunications, and networking devices.
Mini Expansion Cards for All Industrial Systems
The expansion cards EMPL and EMP2 series use a mini PCIe to provide Gigabit Ethernet ports and serial ports. These modules allow system designers to easily expand Ethernet or serial connectivity of embedded systems for IoT and industrial applications.
 EMP2 series even features a software switch to adjust serial ports and to support RS232/422/485. The disk array EMPS-32R1 offers high capacity and backup through RAID which can assist the user to expand storage interface.
In-Vehicle and Military Application Products
Designed to showcase how Innodisk products support the unique and often complex environments of customers, the booth will both in-vehicle and military application product series. Innodisk’s flash and DRAM products for in-vehicle computing systems are designed for operation in the harsh interior of automobiles. Its low-power consumption and heat and shock resistance makes it our most reliable automotive storage solution. This series of products are EMI resistant, and compliant with the standards of E-Mark (EU), SAE J1113 (US), and ISO 7637-2. The EMUC-B201 is a rugged mPCIe embedded peripheral module that provides dual channel CAN Bus 2.0A/B functionality to an embedded or industrial computer. The EMUC-B201 peripheral enables embedded systems for the Internet of Vehicles and industrial PCs for Industry 4.0.
 Supporting military applications, Innodisk displays 2.5” military-grade SATA SSDs, customized and unique military solution DDR4 MT SODIMM / DDR4 XR-DIMM, as well as military-grade expansion cards. Those products are all wide-temperature and suitable for use in a harsh environment.
Please visit us at:
Embedded World 2016
Date: February 23-25, 2016
Booth: Hall 1, Stand 211
Venue: Nuremburg, Germany

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