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Medical Application

High-performance Equipment for the Hospital of the Future

Innodisk worked together with a leading European healthcare solutions provider in making their innovative and futuristic operating room solution possible.

Our Roadmap to Success

M.2 P80 3TG3-P

  • PCIe Gen. 3 x4 interface
  • Exceptional performance with NVMe 1.3
  • High endurance
  • Heat-spreading design


  • Original IC to meet strict industrial standards
  • Fully tested and optimized for stability and performance
  • RoHS-compliant and CE/FCC certified

Hardware Solutions That Make the Hospital of the Future a Reality Today


Bringing the latest in technology to the forefront of medicine comes with unique challenges. Not only must the solution deliver excellent performance, but it also needs to meet the non-negotiable requirements for stability and longevity in the healthcare industry. A leading medical innovator and equipment manufacturer had developed a unique operating room (OR) solution that integrates video feeds and critical data in a single intuitive platform that improves OR productivity, safety, and workflows. To deliver all this functionality, the system required high-performance and highquality DRAM and flash storage – steep demands which led the client to reaching out to Innodisk.


  • High performance required to carry out all the demanding functionalities of the client’s next-generation OR platform
  • Utmost stability required as not to interfere with the lifecritical work in the operating room
  • Must be able to effortlessly handle multiple video feeds up to 4K resolutions alongside providing other pertinent information and processing the user operation of connected equipment


  • Innodisk’s M.2 P80 3TG3-P combines NVMe performance with industry-leading stability and met all the client’s steep requirements
  • High-performance DDR4 UDIMM from Innodisk allowed the platform to quickly and reliably process all data generated by the client’s innovative product
  • Innodisk’s healthcare industry experience and expertise allowed Innodisk’s team to quickly identify the best longterm solution for the client’s unique needs


To carry out the tall list of advanced features and integrate operating rooms’ vast number of equipment and devices, the OR system required high-performance DRAM modules and lightningfast flash storage. Innodisk’s DDR4 UDIMM DRAM modules met all needs for high performance while offering unbeatable stability thanks to their original IC and Innodisk’s stringent quality control. Meanwhile, Innodisk’s M.2 P80 3TG3-P provided an unmatched combination of NVMe performance and industrial-grade stability ideal for critical healthcare applications. These Innodisk solutions allowed the equipment manufacturer to bring its innovative solution to life in operating rooms worldwide, bringing benefits to healthcare providers and patients everywhere.



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