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Server Application

Unwavering High-performance DRAM for Critical Data Center Servers

All components must operate at a high level, day in and day out, without encountering any errors.

Our Roadmap to Success

Server-ready 16 GB DDR4-2133 RDIMM

  • Extensively tested with Innodisk's state-of-the-art iRAM testing to ensure the highest-quality modules
  • Original IC for the highest-quality ICs
  • Registered memory with errorcorrecting code for maximum reliability
  • Exceptional 360-degree customer service that supports the client at each stage of the customer journey


As part of a drive to unify its enterprise computing infrastructure, a leading telecommunications organization focused on cloud management solutions decided to upgrade its data center hardware. Therefore, company staff was tasked with procuring highly reliable and high-performing DRAM modules suited for critical telecommunications infrastructure. Due to the critical nature of the application, any solutions must be able to operate at a high level day in and day out without encountering any errors. To address these needs and to ensure that its upgraded data center meets the current and future needs of its customers, the telecommunications industry company reached out to lnnodisk to find a suitable solution.


  • High capacity and high availability: continuous data analysis requires high-capacity modules with uninterrupted uptime
  • No room for error: the client cannot risk costly downtime caused by memory errors
  • Top performance: the client's a pplication requires data transmissions to maintain high and stable performance under heavy and constant load


  • Truly industrial-grade DRAM: stringently tested DRAM modules with original IC, guaranteeing that all quality requirements are met in full
  • Server-optimized stability: registered memory modules with error-code correction
  • High-performing high-capacity server memory: with exceptional bandwidth and memory performance along with generous capacities, lnnodisk's DRAM provided ample performance head room for future demands


With lnnodisk's 16 GB DDR4-2133 RDIMM modules, the telecommunications company found a solution that met their equirements and exceeded their expectations for memoryintensive server use in their upgraded data center. Moreover, with lnnodisk's DRAM modules' original IC and stringent in-house testing with iRAM, the client expects to continue using the modules for years to come before requiring replacement or upgrade. Finally, owing to lnnodisk's best-in-class service quality, the client is confident in tackling any potential unexpected challenges that may come their way in the future.



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