Q1. What is the iCAP protocol- and port number?
iCAP uses MQTT protocol with the port number 1883, Web service port 5000
Q2. What is the iCAP agent bandwidth with the server side?
The iCAP agent has a low bandwidth with the server; each message is only around 3KB.
Q3. What is the size of the iCAP agent and server package?

The iCAP agent’s size is approximately 25 MB and the server package 3.6 GB. After finishing the download, the user can finalize setting up iCAP within 15 minutes.

Q4. Does iCAP cover the cost of Microsoft Azure?

No, iCAP does not cover the cost of Microsoft Azure. Customers need to pay for their Azure usage.

Q5. Does iCAP cover the license key cost of Google Maps?

No, iCAP does not cover the cost of Google Maps. Customers need to apply for their own license key.

Q6. Can the user put a floor layout of their factory on the iCAP dashboard?

iCAP allows users to put the floor layout on the dashboard and also allows setting up device locations in the layout.

Q7. Does iCAP offer cross-network support?

iCAP uses the TCP/IP protocol to support different network segments.

Q8. Does iCAP’s SSD lifespan prediction function support storage devices from other brands?

This feature only supports Innodisk SSDs.

Q9. Does iCAP support intranet?
Yes, iCAP fully supports intranet and internet configurations.


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