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2016/02/04 | Press Release

Innodisk Announces New Industrial SSDs Equipped with AES Encryption

February 4 th, 2016 - Taipei, Taiwan - Innodisk, the service-driven flash and DRAM module provider, introduces a new series of 3MG2-P SSDs equipped with AES encryption. Innodisk’s 3MG2-P SSD with AES encryption is bundled with an ATA security-authorized key which provides advanced security to protect data; it is available in standard 2.5”, mSATA, SATA Slim and M.2. Also, it is TCG OPAL 2.0 compliant and follows the protocols specified by the TCG (Trusted Computing Group).
Hardware-Based AES 256 Bits Key
The 3MG2-P SSD protects all of your transfers and automatically provides encryption via the AES engine. In addition, the encryption key is stored in a secured area of the SSD. The hardware encryption is faster than software-based encryption. Instant data erase by the destruction AES key takes less than 1 second.
High Performance and Up to 2TB Capacity
Innodisk’s 3MG2-P SSD uses a new generation of flash technology to combine its reliable and rugged design with its superior performance. 3MG2-P SSD comes equipped with an ID201 controller and synchronous NAND flash to produce high sequential speeds and IOPS while preserving industrial-level reliability, advanced power management and a long lifespan. The 3MG2-P series achieves 520/450 MBs sequential read/write speeds and 80/76K random IOPS performance. 3MG2-P will be offered in large capacities, up to 2TB 2.5” SSD, within the industry.

Advanced Power Management
Low power consumption is achieved with DEVSLP support, meaning longer battery life in the field and lower running costs in the data center. The new SSDs feature Innodisk’s iDATA Guard to protect against unexpected power failures. The new SSDs are also equipped with Innodisk’s iCell technology. When a power loss is detected, a special power protection algorithm uses onboard power to save volatile data to non-volatile storage.
Available now is the Innodisk 3MG2-P series SSDs with AES encryption function. For additional information on this product and our SSD series, please contact your local Innodisk sales representatives or distributors.

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