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2019/04/16 | Case Study

Making Traffic Smarter and Safer

Wide Temperature SSD for Smart City Traffic Light Surveillance

A major Taiwanese manufacturer of surveillance systems opted for Innodisk’s storage solution when designing their AI-driven traffic monitoring system. The system is to be installed in busy, urban intersections and will help streamline traffic, assist emergency vehicle dispatching and local law enforcement. Innodisk provided a wide temperature, industrial-grade SSD solution.


  • Concerns about temperature and climatic changes affecting the integrity of the system
  • High-endurance requirement as the system will operate on a 24-hours non-stop basis


  • Robust wide temperature SSD with a proven track record
  • Industrial-grade NAND flash with optimized firmware to ensure lasting performance

The smart traffic lights of the smart cities of tomorrow deliver so much more than just lighting and simple signals. Innodisk continues to play a vital role in implementing these advanced features that provide benefits and security to urban dwellers and city services.

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32GB 2.5” 3ME4 WT SSD

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