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2017/03/08 | Press Release

Innodisk Pushing for the Next Step in Hardware and Software Integration

March 8th, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan – Innodisk, the embedded storage and peripheral solution provider, is announcing its vision to bring software and hardware integration to the next level, and is bringing a wide suite of innovative products, including our new 3ME4 SSD series and DDR4 2666 DRAM series, to Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg. With and a deep knowledge of the needs of the various vertical markets, Innodisk offers tailor-made and cost-efficient solutions for embedded and industrial system integrators.



The automation industry is characterized by the need for tight-fit and robust solutions. With this in mind, Innodisk offers customizable SSDs on small-sized form factors that can operate in extreme temperatures and are resistant to shock and vibration. Adding on the option of conformal coating and side fill, performance is ensured even during the harshest operating conditions. Recognizing the necessity of data integrity, Innodisk brings together innovative software, firmware and hardware to offer the world’s most compact RAID 1 solution. And if the system in an unlikely event were to crash, the iCover™ system recovery software will ensure a swift restart.

The newest addition to the Innodisk SSD roster is the 3ME4 series with an integrated Marvell controller, is the perfect fit automation appliances. Our in-house designed L3 architecture integrates LDPC error correction code which further bolsters product longevity and reliability.

For those interested in more information on automation solutions, there will be a live demo at the Innodisk booth.


Aerospace and Defense

To ensure the safety of confidential data, Innodisk offers an integrated suite of security features for SSDs, spearheaded by the new iSecurity™ concept. This package combines software, firmware and hardware to allow operators to easily execute Data Erase, Data Destroy and Physical Data Destroy functions. The SSDs comes in a wide variety of form factors, ensuring a smooth integration in limited-space applications. To address the tough operating conditions, Innodisk’s DRAM modules are designed to tolerate wide temperature, and comes with the value-added options of conformal coating and side fill for an even more robust performance.

There will be a live demo of Innodisk’s aerospace and defense solutions at our booth for those more interested.



In-vehicle applications are often subject to unstable power sources and harsh environments. To address these issues, Innodisk’s modules are qualified for wide temperature operation and are resistant to shock and vibration. Taking data integrity a step further, all communication modules are securely isolated, withstanding any surges and other electromagnetic interference. With Innodisk’s EMUC-B201 CANBus communication module, the operator can easily expand in-vehicle systems.

To satisfy the need for isolated expansion cards, Innodisk’s modules are certified and compliant with E-Mark, SAE J1113 and ISO 7637-2 standards. 



Two things come to mind when assessing the needs for a surveillance system; ample storage capacity, and system integrity. Large amounts of data needs to be stored quickly, efficiently and often for longer durations of time. Innodisk can provide a comprehensive solution with high memory SSDs, VLP DRAM modules and isolated power over Ethernet (PoE) extension cards. With this package, interference from the environment and other systems are mitigated and system performance is ensured.

Innodisk at Embedded World 2017:

Date: March 14-16

Booth: Hall 1, Stand 211

Venue: Nuremberg, Germany



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