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Revving Up for the Future of Networking

A new world of ultra-fast networking is upon us. Full-scale 5G networks are expanding at a rapid pace across all continents, and blazing-fast close-range networking technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 and 5G’s mmWave are taking local networks to the next level. Meanwhile, CAN bus is bringing high-performance networking to modern in-vehicle applications.

With extreme transfer speeds and minimal latencies, these technologies are setting the stage for exciting innovations and a new era of computing.

A Next-generation Upgrade

Solutions that can keep pace with the extreme performance of next-generation networking technologies are key to fully capitalizing on the future of networking. Innodisk is proud to support clients across the world with industry-leading hardware, firmware, and software solutions optimized for providing the low latencies and blazing transfer speeds that modern networking applications require.

Solutions for Every Application



Flash Storage

Innodisk’s ultra-fast and stability-optimized flash storage products bring outstanding performance to modern networking equipment in any application, including IoT gateways, routers, and servers at the edge; as well as Ethernet switches, gateways, firewalls, routers, and 1U servers in the backend.

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DRAM Modules

With Innodisk’s high-performance and networking- optimized DRAM modules, the networking performance of the future is finally within reach. Innodisk’s DRAM solutions are not only a great choice for backend networking infrastructure but – with Innodisk’s signature rugged DRAM technologies – serve as the ideal components in challenging networking applications in demanding environments.

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Embedded Peripherals

Innodisk’s unique embedded peripherals lineup equips vehicles with the latest and greatest in in-vehicle networking – with products such as Innodisk’s CAN bus modules providing exceptional bandwidth in packages optimized for demanding in-vehicle conditions.

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Join the Future of Networking with Innodisk

Upgrade your applications for the future of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 with Innodisk’s industrial-grade solutions.

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Selection Guide

Check out the new 2020 Selection Guide for our latest flash storage, DRAM, embedded peripherals, and software solutions.

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