Innodisk Fire Shield SSD

iSMART™ and iCAP™

  • Innodisk-exclusive software
  • iSMART has been greatly expanded beyond its original local SSD monitoring functionality
  • iCAP is a powerful cloud-connected IoT management tool
IoT works best when information is easily accessible on a single platform. This is why we have upgraded our edge tool iSMART™ and our cloud monitoring platform iCAP™ to include all pertinent DRAM specifications and real-time operations data.

This way, all DRAM information is at your fingertips, both locally and on the cloud, without having to physically open or inspect your devices. This information is valuable, and particularly so in the industrial field where IoT devices face harsh and challenging conditions.

It also allows for continuous data collection to determine if your implementation is running inefficiently in terms of memory loading, or if the ambient temperature profiles are too high. Alerts can also be added to alert users of values exceeding pre-set thresholds to allow for timely maintenance and changes.

The software will display information about all installed DRAM modules, but works best with Innodisk’s memory solutions. The DRAM-support feature is available for Windows platforms*.

These new additions to Innodisk's AIoT solutions are a significant step toward complete hardware and software integration.

*Currently not available for DDR4 Server Boards

Hardware and Software Integration
Streamline DRAM maintenance through optimized software

Optimal use of Industrial-Grade
Ensure that DRAM functions at an optimal level out in the field

Remote Monitoring
Access DRAM information remotely through any connected device via iCAP

Intuitive software tool for DRAM monitoring, flash lifetime prediction and information
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Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform
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Learn about our latest industrial flash storage, DRAM, I/O expansion cards, and cloud monitoring solutions

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