Innodisk Introduces New Industrial
Air Sensor Module
to Add Value to Edge AI Applications

With the rising sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) trend, businesses are increasingly evaluating their air quality and pollution emissions and setting targets for reduction. Innodisk presents its latest industrial air sensor modules with its subsidiary, Sysinno, providing accurate sensing and robust adaptability. The modules can be integrated into diverse sectors to enhance the value of IPC and other embedded systems.

Detects Wide Range of Factors with Precision

Detects Wide Range of Factors with Precision

The module is a combination of an EZU2-I301 carrier board and air sensors. The carrier board is equipped to detect temperature and humidity, while the air sensor provides the flexibility to mix and match different air quality parameters, offering precise and reliable sensing values for each environmental condition. The carrier board also comes with a software development kit enabling sensor data to integrate with the business's software effectively and rapidly. Businesses can utilize these modules to enhance the well-being of workers and customers and elevate air quality levels to align with local policies.

Features of the Industrial
Air Sensor Modules

Implementation with Ease

The modules can be easily integrated across various systems, including industrial personal computers (IPC), edge servers, and embedded systems through the I2C interface or USB Sensor Carrier board. The module design also ensures minimal computing power consumption and prevents excessive heating during operation.

Strong Adaptability

Innodisk incorporates unique algorithms into air sensor modules, enhancing their adaptability. These modules can dynamically fine-tune their functionality according to the temperature, humidity, and environment, reducing inaccuracies caused by different environmental conditions and providing reliable sensing values in various applications.

Assured Quality

Innodisk manufactured the air sensor modules in-house, adopted original sensor heads from world-leading suppliers, and strictly adhered to industrial standards.

Air Sensor Expertise

The modules leverage Sysinno’s expertise in air detection. With over 10 years of experience and involvement in more than 500 cross-industry projects, their exclusive technologies have passed multiple third-party accuracy tests, proving credibility for implementation in diverse fields.

Unleashing the Potential

Smart factory
Smart city
Smart healthcare

The Innodisk Air Sensor Modules

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