Innodisk Medical grade solutions

Fulfilling All Medical Needs

Critical and life-saving medical equipment requires components that provide the highest levels of stability and reliability – with technologies optimized for medical applications. Innodisk provides total solutions from across its flash storage, DRAM, and embedded peripheral product lines that address these needs in full.

AI Medical Imaging Solutions

Innodisk offers medical-grade solutions ideal for AI medical imaging applications – providing the highly capable DRAM modules, flash storage devices, and embedded peripherals necessary to empower such equipment for their important work. These solutions do not only provide critical functionality that empower AI medical imaging applications but also withstand the considerable environmental challenges in imaging applications.

Innodisk solutions from each of its product lines can be found in advanced medical equipment worldwide.

Fundamental Requirements

Innodisk’s Medical-grade Solutions

Total Healthcare Solutions

DRAM module    Flash Storage    Embedded Peripherals   

With a Commitment to Customization

Innodisk also provides extensive customization to meet special requirements, for example by designing components that can withstand the extreme electromagnetic interference in medical imaging equipment.

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Check out the new 2020 Selection Guide for our latest flash storage, DRAM, embedded peripherals, and software solutions.

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