Unlocking AIoT’s Exponential Growth
The InnoAGE SSD Makes AIoT Device Management Manageable amid Booming Device Numbers

Innodisk’s revolutionary InnoAGE SSD is the key that unlocks the future of AIoT as the number of connected devices grows at an exponential rate.

With a projected 75 billion connected devices around the world in 2025, physically managing all these devices becomes an impossible task. Without efficient and secure remote management, our connected future is simply untenable.

The Innodisk InnoAGE SSD solves this problem by enabling an independent and secure connection directly to the hardware-level of the device. When a problem occurs, the system operator can quickly restore the device to a functional state from anywhere—even if the device’s entire OS has crashed.

With the InnoAGE SSD, the exponential growth of AIoT devices is no longer an insurmountable challenge—and device maintenance and management have never been easier.

Common edge device issues solved by the InnoAGE SSD

  • Management: With out-of-band management technology, the InnoAGE SSD enables an independent connection channel to the storage device. This technology allows the device to be controlled remotely in the event of software failures and other service outages—dramatically reducing costs and downtime

  • Maintenance: Leveraging Innodisk’s iCAP device maintenance platform, the InnoAGE SSD features 24/7 device monitoring and lifetime prediction—facilitating cost-efficient scheduled maintenance.

  • Edge Data Security: Innodisk’s advanced security technologies combined with the Microsoft’s Azure Sphere ensures maximum data security—from edge to cloud.

Part of annual revenue that the average small business spends on IT.

How large part of IT costs are incurred after the initial purchase.

How long the average employee spends attempting to fix device problems every week.


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