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  • The JEDEC Organization is a global leader for microelectronic standards
  • JESD219 defines SSD workloads for endurance rating and verification
  • Is used with JESD218 that supplements requirements and test methods
The use of IoT is now ubiquitous in almost all areas of human activity as companies continue to invest in the practical implementation of intelligent solutions. Moreover, enterprise standards are spreading across IoT infrastructure to keep up with rapidly growing performance demands in heavy workload environments.

The new 3TS5-P gets to the crux of the issue. This series complies with the JESD219 standard for enterprise solid-state drives (SSD) and delivers up to two drive writes per day (DWPD2), offering high data reliability and integrity for heavy write activity. It is designed for use in emerging IoT markets such as networking, rugged servers, and other heavy workload applications.

The new series is best suited for heavy industrial workloads that require greater read latency, lower power consumption, enough MTBF time to serve overall duty cycles. Dynamic thermal throttling maintains drives at safe data rates which not only improve SSD stability but also keeps the system’s service on track.

24/7 uninterrupted performance is only made possible using industrial-grade 3D TLC NAND flash that far surpasses the endurance output of standard TLC offerings. Optimized firmware further advances the 3TS5-P past ordinary enterprise solutions in terms of flash endurance.

This brand new SSD series is available in 2.5” SSD and M.2 form factors with up to 1TB capacity.

Ready for Heavy Workloads
  • Up to 2 Drive Write Per Day (2DWPD)
  • Optimized for uninterrupted performance in large workload use cases

Industrial-Grade Specifications
  • Low total energy consumption
  • Up to 1TB capacity
  • Optimized 3D TLC NAND flash

Ready for Emerging IoT Applications
  • Available in standard 2.5” SSD form factor as well as M.2 for space-constricted applications
2.5” SATA SSD 3TS5-P
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M.2 (S80) 3TS5-P
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