5G is already well under its way to replace the older 4G standard and the promises it holds are all but revolutionizing. 4G download speeds are already considered fast but 5G holds the potential of increasing it 10-fold!

This is why sufficient memory is essential, especially for the core parts of the 5G network. Innodisk provides high capacity modules with high transfer speeds that are optimized for server and network use. All ICs are Original and have gone through strict in-house testing. And there is no need to worry about supply as all DRAM solutions come with a fixed BOM.

Furthermore, with significantly lower latency, devices can interact at much higher speeds. When coupled with Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC), 5G will facilitate easy communication between potentially thousands of devices spanning large areas; thus solving the communication issue for implementing large-scale AIoT solutions. This will, among other things, improve vehicle to vehicle communication and unmanned vehicle reliability, making our traffic both safer and more efficient. Sufficient memory is needed to enable this high-speed data interchange.

5G networks can be realized through tools such as Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). These kinds of infrastructure are necessary to handle the predicted massive growth in usage and handle scaling as demand fluctuates. In other words, connectivity will not be the main issue, but rather the central infrastructure’s ability to handle all the applications we will be running. But no matter where you are located along the multitudes of paths between core and edge, high-performance memory is a must!

Massive Machine to Machine Communications
  • Challenge: Facilitating the connection of thousands of devices through one network
  • Solution: Powered by reliable DRAM with tested Original IC and fixed BOM
Ultra-reliable Low Latency Communications
  • Challenge: Enable fast communication between devices such as unmanned vehicles and factory robots
  • Solution: Utilize high-speed 2666MHz DRAM to support low-latency network speeds
Exponential Bandwidth Increase
  • Challenge: More speed means more devices and application on the network
  • Solution: Meet the demand with high-capacity 32GB DRAM modules
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Registered DRAM Modules

Unbuffered DRAM Modules

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