Unstable power sources are common in many outdoor and remote applications, and can severely affect electronic devices. Any solid state drive (SSD) is vulnerable in unstable power supply situations as fluctuations and outages can lead to startup problems, data corruption, and also device failure.

iPower Guard™ is a hardware-based technology that safeguards the SSD in unstable power supply environments. While many technologies focus on the safe shutdown of devices when the power drops, iPower Guard™ takes it a step further with sophisticated preventive measures. These measures make up an end-to-end set of safeguards that ensure a consistent power supply during startup and shutdown.

During the startup phase, the SSD needs to reach a certain voltage threshold before being powered on. However, systems with an unstable power supply are prone to fluctuations when starting up, which in turn can cause the system to crash and also damage the SSD. iPower Guard™ eliminates this risk factor by ensuring a stable voltage level before the SSD is allowed to power on.

After a system shutdown, residual voltage can still be present. This can lead to issues with system startup or even cause the system to crash. iPower Guard™ solves this by making sure there is no residual voltage to the SSD, ensuring a more reliable system startup.

Smart Prevention
  • iPower Guard™ not only reacts to power instability but also implements preventive measures that can mitigate issues before they even arise
End-to-End Solution
  • By combining iPower Guard™ with our power loss protection technologies, iData Guard™ and iCell™, the SSD is fully protected during startup, operation and shutdown



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