With iSLC technology, Innodisk's SD 3.0 cards offers high performance at a comparatively low cost. Utilizing in-house designed firmware, longevity is increased 7-fold compared to standard MLC solutions and performance is boosted to SLC-levels – all the while prices only reach 50% of SLC products.

By moving from block mode to page mode, the SD sees increased IOPS and data storage efficiency. The cards also come with integrated Hyperstone S8 controllers, offering wear leveling, dynamic data refresh and power failure management that further bolsters reliability.

The cards come in capacities from 8 to 64GB, and are suitable for a multitude of vertical markets, including medical, hand-held devices, digital signage and parking and tolling systems. Innodisk is also an official SD 3C licensee.
Power Failure Management
  • Redundant firmware design
  • DRAM-less
  • Controller reset and immediate protection of flash in case of sudden power outage
  • Retains log of most recent flash transferal
  • Will revert to last valid entry if log is corrupt
Dynamic Data Refresh
  • Ensures long term data retention
  • Refresh is customizable and can be initiated through power-on count, vendor command and other triggers
Wear Leveling
  • Static wear leveling maintained until 90% of allotted P/E cycles of the most utilized flash chip is reached - will then switch to global wear leveling
  • Copyback is still available when both blocks involved in the copy operation is located in the same flash chip
Page Mode / iSLC
  • High random write performance
  • Minimal write amplification
  • Allover higher endurance for high random access usage applications
AES (Optional)
  • Built-in hardware AES engine
  • 128-bit and 256-bit key sizes available
  • ECB, CBC and XTS modes supported
  • On-the-fly encryption / decryption
Vertical Markets
Medical Industry
Hand-held Devices
Digital Signage
Parking and Toll Systems
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