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InnoREC™ provides a complete set of technologies that will bolster and improve your surveillance setup. The InnoREC™ series SSDs are tailor-made to meet the stringent demands of modern surveillance applications.

RECLine™ is our proprietary firmware optimization that ensures smooth recording with minimal frame-loss. This, coupled with sophisticated power and thermal stabilizing technology, provides an optimal recording performance in the toughest of conditions.

If need be, data can be almost instantaneously erased through the Quick Erase function. This allows for expedient removal of data for the sake of both security and convenience.

  • RECLine™ 
    Stable performance with minimal frame-loss
  • iData Guard
    Ensures surveillance data integrity during and after unexpected power outages
  • iCell 
    Prevents loss of valuable surveillance data during sudden power failures
  • Quick Erase 
    Can delete all data within a matter of seconds
  • Thermal Sensor
    Automatically adjust the transmission frequency to ensure continued performance and reliability when overheating
  • Passive Cooling
    The SSD layout is design for maximum heat dissipation – ensuring performance and enhanced data retention

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