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With buzzwords such as cloud computing and hyper convergence, modern server applications might come across as slightly unintelligible to the average user. But even with the physical infrastructure being located offsite and services being completely online-based, at the end of the line you will still find a standard server solution built with standard server hardware.

Even with many technological advances, the main needs of server building can still be summed up as speed, scalability, longevity and power efficiency. Server components have to efficiently handle the ever increasing data amounts, and when approaching the limits, they should facilitate simple and seamless server scaling. A solid product lifespan is crucial for reliable server operations, while keeping power consumption to a minimum both lowers costs and avoids overheating.

Delivering on Speed and Endurance

Server memory needs to be fast and reliable. Our modules sport high performance and are extensively tested before shipping to ensure quality and maximum system uptime. The SATADOM® Server Boot-up devices are faster and more reliable than traditional devices such as USB modules, while also allowing for an easy RAID setup for further performance enhancement.

Simplifying Server Building

Many modern server applications will boot from standard SSDs, essentially wasting a drive bay that could have been used to add capacity. The SATADOM form factor is small while also allowing for a cable-less integration, saving space and while also simplifying server building. Our server DIMM are low profile form factors that allow for heat management while not compromising on performance.

Lowered Power Consumption

With Innodisk’s low wattage solutions data center costs are more manageable. Lower energy consumption also means less heat and consequently further reduced costs.

One Step Ahead of the Curve

Well prepared for the needs of the server market, the SATADOM server boot-up devices are certified for both Windows Server 2016 Hyper V and VMware hypervisors, and are also compatible with all the most common Linux server operating systems in use.


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