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Traversing the Toughest Roads

Many might not be aware of the staggering amount of technology that goes into the design of modern-day cars. Compared to the first cars to come off the assembly line more than a century ago, today’s vehicles hide a lot of sophistication under the hood.

Vehicles operate in just about any environment imaginable, which means any system onboard has to withstand the stress induced by changes in temperature and other rough conditions. Another challenge is electromagnetic interference both from the environment and from other onboard systems, as well as unstable power supply. The third crucial factor for in-vehicle systems is solving the space and weight restrictions; a more compact setup frees up more space and less weight means lower fuel-consumption.

Mitigating the Thermal Factor

Extreme temperatures and constant thermal cycling can cause damage and severely reduce product lifespan. Innodisk in-vehicle products are tested and certified for operations in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C. With integrated thermal sensors, Innodisk SSD can detect temperature spikes and efficiently throttle performance to avoid overheating.

Withstanding Environmental Strain

By complying with the US MIL-STD-810G Innodisk products are certified to withstand the stringent shock and vibration sustained during operation. DRAM modules also sport mounting holes for much more rugged attachment to the motherboard. Conformal coating is available for all modules, and can ensure protection from dust, dirt and humidity.

Isolated Design and Power Stability

Our in-vehicle line of products all comply with E-Mark (EU), SAE J1113 (US), and ISO 7637-2 standards ensuring modules remain unaffected by electromagnetic interference. With an often unstable power supply onboard systems are in danger of data loss; for this reason we utilize a combination of firmware and hardware technology to ensure data protection.

A Custom Fit

With a dedicated firmware team and a variety of available form factors and connection alternatives, we can ensure a tailor-made solution that fits any in-vehicle application.


  • Rugged Computers
  • Onboard surveillance systems
  • Vehicle computers

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