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iCAP, the Innodisk Cloud Administration Platform, is a browser-accessed management platform that allows you to monitor the status of solid-state drives (SSDs), memory, and other components in edge devices. iCAP accomplishes this by gathering data from all connected devices and storing it on a central server, either in the cloud or on one’s intranet. From there, the data is easily accessible from internet-connected cell phones, tablets, or laptops.

iCAP is also a perfect companion for out-of-band-enabled devices, allowing operators to seamlessly manage and restore edge devices that have broken down. With convenient out-of-band management from anywhere, iCAP reduces maintenance costs and downtime for devices everywhere.

Smart Management

iCAP’s dashboard view and device grouping make management easy, intuitive, and convenient.

Genius Prediction

By integrating with Innodisk’s firmware algorithm, iCAP provides accurate storage device lifetime prediction and timely email alerts.

Swift Maintenance

With iCAP’s remote recovery function, restoring malfunctioning devices has never been easier. iCAP also supports out-of-band recovery.

Ready for Deployment

Whether on premise or on the cloud, iCAP is provides smooth and efficient deployment.

Next-generation Cloud Management with iCAP
Learn how Innodisk’s Cloud Administration Platform makes powerful remote management a breeze and enables our connected future.
Flexible Dashboard

The user can freely alter the iCAP dashboard through its dynamic user interface. By grouping devices and picking relevant parameters and widgets to display, the user easily makes the dashboard address their needs.

Dual-band Management

iCAP supports remote management of devices through both in-band and out-of-band connections, providing a total solution for device management, maintenance, and monitoring needs.

Effective Event Tracker

The event notification tracker logs all changes and keeps the user up-to-speed with any changes – enabling swift resolutions to any issues that may occur.

Fail-safe System Backup & Recovery

iCAP supports out-of-band management, providing a safe way to recover broken-down devices remotely. Since it uses firmware recovery, it just works – no matter the OS version or type of file system.

Smart DRAM Monitoring

iCAP fully supports DRAM monitoring, providing the user with remote access to iSMART-powered DRAM information and module lifetime prediction.

Extensive Compatibility

The iCAP agent supports both Windows and Linux platforms and can be effortlessly accessed through a wide range of browsers.


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