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DDR5 Ultra Temperature SODIMM

제품 특징
  • Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module
  • Fully Tested and Optimized for Stability and Performance
  • Uses Original IC to Meet Strict Industrial Standards
  • On module Power Management IC (JEDEC Standard: 1.1V)
  • Operating Environment: -40°C ~ 105°C (Tc)
  • Anti-Sulfuration Protection Against Harsh Environments
  • 45μ” Gold Finger
  • RoHS Compliance
  • CE/FCC Certification
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DDR5 Ultra-temperature SODIMM offers a compact design and the industry's fastest memory speed with 4800MT/s - the perfect fit for any in-vehicle, surveillance, automation and embedded application. The modules comply with all relevant JEDEC standards, can operate in temperatures from -40ºC to 105ºC.

From JEDEC standard, the DDR5 specification is bringing the maximum potential capacity for a single DDR5 DIMM to 128GB, a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 6400MT/s which is doubling the rate of DDR4, along with the improved power consumption as 1.1V.

The modules from innodisk comply with all relevant JEDEC standards and are available in 8GB and 16GB capacities, as 4800MT/s.


DDR GenerationDDR5 Memory
DIMM TypeUltra Temperature SODIMM
Speed4800 MT/s
Density8GB, 16GB
FunctionNon-ECC Unbuffered Memory
Pin Number262pin
Bus Widthx64
PCB Height1.18 Inches
Operating Temperature-40°C to 105°C (Tc)
45μ” Gold FingerY

주문 정보:

Density IC configuration Part Number Rank Voltage Description
8GB 1GX16 M5S0-8GMYZAVP 1Rx16 1.1V DDR5 4800 Ultra Temperature SODIMM
16GB 2GX8 M5S0-AGM2NAVP 1Rx8 1.1V DDR5 4800 Ultra Temperature SODIMM


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