Industrial Leading
DDR5 5600 Series
with Enhanced Capacity, Unparalleled Speed and Compatibility

With the upward trend of Artificial Intelligent (AI), the growing demand for data transmission accelerated to push the DRAM to upgrade from DDR4 to DDR5. Innodisk offers the most comprehensive industrial-grade DDR5 modules and moves a step forward to launch the new DDR5 5600 series.
The module complies with the latest IC manufacturing process, enabling the module to have advantages in performance and stability. Furthermore, with the 16% bandwidth enhancement and the 48GB capacity, the module unlocks higher quality and efficiency to support AI Image Recognition and Data Analysis.

Embrace Advancing DDR5 Technology

Dual-channel Support
Onboard PMIC
On-die ECC

Upgrade Your Solution
from DDR5 4800MT/s to 5600MT/s



Max IC Capacity

Max IC Capacity

Max IC Capacity

Max Module Capacity

Max Module Capacity

Supported CPU

Supported CPU

Why Innodisk?

Solid Supply Chain Partnership

Innodisk maintains a close collaboration with leading memory suppliers, ensuring that we can provide our valued customers with the latest DRAM technique. Through this partnership, we strive to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions, enabling customers to experience the latest advancements in memory technology firsthand.

Quality Assurance Testing

To enhance power management capabilities, the introduction of onboard PMIC and SPD design on the DDR5 module has increased complexity. Therefore, at Innodisk, we have conducted rigorous cross-validation for each key component to guarantee the highest stability and compatibility of our DDR5 products.

Flexible Module Capacity Option: 24/48GB Module

Although many servers require a larger amount of memory capacity, edge AI technology has led to the development of edge servers and other small-size servers where medium capacity will be in need. Innodisk offers the industry’s first 48GB medium capacity in selection with flexibility and cost efficiency.

Successful Industrial Application of DDR5

Unleashing the Power of Image Recognition and Rapid Data Analysis

Unmanned System
GPU Centre

DDR5 5600 series

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