Achieve Zero Frame
Loss Surveillance with
InnoREC 2.0

Innodisk is excited to announce InnoREC 2.0, our next generation of surveillance SSDs.

These new 112L 3D TLC drives with RECLine 2.0 feature zero frame loss, emergency quick
erase functionality, sustained write performance with minimal deviation, a longer lifespan and
higher capacities, The drives also feature Innodisk’s other industrial-focused technologies
such as iCell, iDataGuard, and iPowerGuard.

Together, these features work together to create the most robust, reliable, and secure
surveillance SSD on the market.

ddr5 compare ddr4,
RECLine 2.0

RECLine 2.0

Sustained write performance
with minimal deviation

iCell Technology

iCell Technology

Ensure the safety of data during
sudden power failures

Quick Erase

Quick Erase

Delete the data stored on
your SSD within seconds

InnoREC 2.0

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