Innodisk Brings Advancements to the OOB space with InnoAgent 

Innodisk is proud to announce InnoAgent, an exciting new hardware module that allows out-of-band remote management of systems, even if they have crashed, or are completely offline.

Connecting through UART, RS232 or GPIO, InnoAgent acts as a gateway between computer systems and remote management tools to offer a highly available solution for the most important of applications.

InnoAgent has two main use cases in the field, as a backup to in-band management for increased availability, or as the only form of remote management, for increased security.


Without InnoAgent, during connection failures, device shut downs,
and OS crashes, the device is unable to be monitored remotely
through the main device’s LAN port, or Wi-Fi connection. On devices with an InnoAgent module, even if there is a major issue, whether it be hardware, or software, monitoring applications can still access the device’s information. Remote commands can also be sent to the device, like power reset. This ability to restart, and send other commands to crashed devices eliminates the need to have engineers on site at all times.


Industry Leading Operating
Temperature of -40° to 85°C


Easy Integration With iCAP (Cloud Administration Platform)


Comprehensive embedded solutions achieving 100% compatible stability in use

InnoAgent is slated for distribution in Q2 2022, and will offer a stable long-term supply.

InnoAgent Module

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