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AIoT Solutions with Smart City Applications

Innodisk is paving the way for future smart cities with AIoT solutions

In 2021, Innodisk joined up with its subsidiaries to form an AIoT data-centric ecosystem called the “AIoT All-Round Service” that combines their expertise to provide a full-service industrial AIoT package that can solve the growing needs of our smart city future.

Now, Innodisk is going one step further, integrating these into AIoT technology solutions such as AI robots, electric vehicles and smart street lights, which have unique requirements such as needing to withstand heavy vibrations, harsh outdoor environments, and extreme temperature lows and highs.

Find out how we accomplish these things below. 


Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles place a large strain on electronics, with vibrations and heat exceeding the thresholds of standard equipment. Innodisk’s industrial-grade flash storage, DRAM module, and its subsidiary Antzer’s GPS tracker work together in the field to ensure retail delivery system reliability for a large American e-commerce site.


AI Robots

AI Robots have been used throughout the pandemic to offer hands-free services in the hospitality and medical industries. The systems inside these robots need high-speed, reliable flash storage to ensure smooth operation. Innodisk, together with its high-technology partners in the smart services sector worked together to make this exciting future a reality.


Smart Street Lights

As cities become increasingly smarter, Innodisk and its partners around the globe have begun to introduce smart street lights that use sensors and AIoT devices to enable real-time monitoring. Innodisk has made this new technology possible with the use of its Wide Temperature flash and DRAM solutions.

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The future smart city of our dreams becomes a reality when reliability inconsistencies fade into the past with Innodisk’s industrial grade DRAM, flash storage, and embedded peripherals.

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